Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Senior Series Features Abbie Gill

“Stay active in your community.” Although 4-H can teach us how to better ourselves and open new doors to opportunities, many members also like to dedicate their service to others around them. 


Abbie Gill, an 18 year old recent graduate of Orange County High School has been one of those members for many years, as she has focused on growing herself while bettering the community. Growing up in 4-H, she participated in the Jr. stockmen's competition, which taught her how to identify the many aspects of livestock production, while also giving her a more analytical eye when judging animals. These skills would help her become more knowledgeable in the show ring, too, as she showed hogs for six years and lambs for four. Abbie attended State 4-H Congress twice and was tapped as a 4-H All Star in 2019, the highest honor any member can get within the organization! 


“Don’t skip public speaking, you’ll need it in the long run,” says Abbie, as she continues to reminisce on all of the things that 4-H has taught her. To be active in a community, you need your voice to be heard, and she learned that through building genuine relationships and participating in activities that pushed her outside of her comfort zone. She remembers that Congress was one of her favorite memories, as it allowed her to meet new people, and gain some of those relationship building skills. 

Outside of 4-H, Abbie enjoys spending her time riding horses. Raising livestock, and still spending time with other animals in her free time has helped her learn more about responsibility and time management. Sure, the animals are fun and relaxing to be around, but still depend on her to care for them and make sure they are healthy and safe. As Abbie looks to the future, she sees herself attending Radford University to study nursing. Thank you for your time and commitment to the community, Abbie. Best of luck to you at school!


By Evan Lineweaver, Summer Intern