Thursday, July 16, 2020

Senior Recognition: Josh Lyon, 4-H Camp Counselor

“Follow your dreams.” As we start to recognize more seniors that are a part of Orange County’s 4-H programs, we hear more sound advice that can be beneficial to any youngster.


 Josh Lyon, an 18 year old recent graduate from Orange County High School, has been an active member of the local 4-H community for four years as a 4-H camp counselor and peer leader. He has also given a presentation to the Board of Supervisors on behalf of Extension. 


“4-H has made me a better leader and team player,” Josh said. Being a counselor helps strengthen these life skills even more, but it also helps build communication skills between different ages and connect people. As Josh reflects on his time in the organization, he remembers his favorite memories being recreation time at the pool during camp. These are times where campers can relax, have fun, and hang out with their friends, both new and old. 


“Don’t let others dictate your success,” is another solid piece of advice given by Josh, known as “Navy” by 4-H campers. After 4-H and high school, it is up to you to pick your career and dreams, and Josh seems to have a good plan in mind. This fall, he will begin his journey at George Mason University to study government.  There are many paths one could go down with such a degree, but Josh wants to focus on the pre-law track. 


We are so proud of our seniors and all that they have accomplished throughout their 4-H career. The memories made will still impact Orange County for years to come. We wish Josh the best of luck in all of his future activities and school!

By Evan Lineweaver, Summer Intern