Thursday, July 2, 2020

Calling All Interested Pumpkin Growers

Have you ever wanted to grow your own big pumpkins? This year is the year! Orange 4-H is sponsoring a pumpkin growing contest that provides the seeds, the knowledge, and the scales to weigh your pumpkins at harvest. All for FREE! 

Pumpkin | Free Stock Photo | LibreShot

This project is open to youth and adults. Sign up at by July 15. Seeds will need to be picked up at the Orange Extension office the week of July 20 and planted by July 25 in order to harvest in late October just before Halloween. 

All you need to provide is the location to plant the seeds, and the management and care (which should not be intimidating). Pumpkins need a sunny place to grow, and you may need to water them depending on our weather. 

We look forward to having you participate!