Monday, March 9, 2020

Scholarship opportunity- VA Farm Bureau Young Farmers

High school juniors and seniors, here is another scholarship opportunity for you!

The purpose of the Outstanding Young Agriculturalist Award is:

To recognize High school junior or senior students for outstanding academic, community and agribusiness achievement. (must be a junior or senior on March 31 of the year of competition).

To encourage students to evaluate their progress and career goals.

To stimulate the student’s interest in striving for leadership opportunities and involvement in agriculture and/or the agribusiness sector.

Judging and Deadline
**Application must be completed and submitted by March 31 to:
VFBF Women’s and Young Farmers Dept., PO Box 27552, Richmond, VA 23261**

Applications received by the deadline will be evaluated by judges to select district finalists by early
May. All applicants will be notified of standings by mail or e-mail; finalists will be given additional
instructions for the state competition at that time.

The Oral Presentation will be required for finalists competing in the state contest.
Finalists will compete for the state title at the Young Farmers Summer Expo held in late
July to early August with competition location to be announced at a later date.

Awards and Recognition:

The state winner will receive a cash scholarship of $1,500 including: $250 from Virginia Farm
Credit Associations, $500 from VFBF Service Corporation under the GM Incentive Program, &
$750 from the VFBF Young Farmers & Women’s Committees.

All finalists and parents, if desired, will have hotel and meal expenses covered during the
Young Farmers Summer Expo event. Competition will include making your presentation and
answering questions from judges during a 10 minute interview process.

Each finalist, other than the state winner, will receive a $100 award from Virginia Farm Credit
Associations and $100 from VFBF Service Corporation under the GM Program.

For more information: