Monday, June 24, 2019

Last Call for State Fair Livestock Nomination Sites

A quick, but very important,  reminder that the FINAL three opportunities for nominating cattle, sheep, and goats for the 2019 State Fair of Virginia happen THIS WEEK.

There are two nomination sites today:     *** One in Chatham and one in Berryville*** The final site is Thursday in Weyers Cave.

All Market Beef (Steers and Heifers), Commercial/crossbred breeding heifers, market lambs, commercial ewes, market goats, and commercial does MUST attend a nomination site. Prospect Steers and heifers are not required to be nominated, but MUST weigh less than 1000 pounds at SFVA check-in in October.

Registered cattle, sheep, or goats being shown as such do not have to be nominated.

Do NOT miss these last opportunities if you plan to show at this year’s SFVA Youth Livestock Shows. 

These nomination sites are for the animal. If you have not completed YQCA training for the exhibitor, the list of available sites is at

Thursday, June 6, 2019

See you soon!!!

We've had an awesome camp week!!! See you at 3:30 p.m. today for pickup. Remember to bring the Camper Express Pick-up Card to make things go faster; you can take that directly to the bus. If you've lost your card, please bring a photo ID to the Extension Agent for sign-out.

Don't forget to check-out medications also!

Thank you for a wonderful week, we appreciate the great Orange County campers who attended this week!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Catching Up on Tuesday's Fun

We had so much fun yesterday, we got behind in updating our blog. So here we gooooooooooo.....


 Arts & Crafts

 Campfire Cooking


 Crime Science - testing for fingerprints

 Engineer This!

 High Ropes


 LEGO Builders

 Low Ropes

 OLS - Outdoor Living Skills

 Intro to Digital Photography
 Swimming Class
 Tie Dye

Famous Ginger Visits Camp

To go along with our "Moo-vin' and Groovin'" theme, we had a visit from Ginger, the dairy cow last night. Ginger is part of the Southland Dairy Farmers' Mobile Dairy Classroom exhibit. Instructor LaVaun Janney did a great job of explaining the dairy industry to campers and then demonstrated milking a cow using the milking machine setup in the trailer. The exhibit provided a great view for campers.

Then, we celebrated with an ice cream sundae party. June is Dairy Month! Get your protein and calcium!

Do we see why her camp name is Dairy Queen? LOL

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Who Knew You Could Have So Much Fun with Cardboard Boxes?!?

Last night we tried a new evening program...Boxcar Races! Each pack received two large boxes and a variety of materials with which to decorate the boxes. Then, each pack member participated in a relay in which they ran in the boxes in competition with the seven other packs.

A video of the event was too large to post on this blog, but is available at Check it out!

We also have a few still photos below.