Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Lucky Charms Club Meeting Report 1/8/19

Lucky Charms Club Meeting Report 1/8/2019

Lucky Charms 4-H members observed the monthly 4-H meeting at 10 am, Tuesday, January 8, 2019.

A marble roller-coaster project was completed at the meeting.  In addition, a decision to change the upcoming meetings to a different time was also discussed by the members and the adult leaders.

In cooperation with the Orange County Library, and the Orange County Office of Virginia Cooperative Extension, club members met at 146 S. Madison  Road, Orange, Virginia, within one of the conference rooms.

The members used recycled materials (cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, leftover wrapping paper, etc.), along with office supplies (scissors, glue, tape, markers, etc.) to construct a creative contraption to move a marble from one location to another hence "Marble Rollercoaster".

This project was created so that the members could use up recycled materials in a creative and fun way.  Because the members worked in groups with different ranging ages, it helped them to develop teamwork and communication skills.

Sixteen of the twenty members were present.  Abbas Grey, President, presided.

Yusef Grey
Club Reporter

If you are interested in joining the Orange County 4-H Lucky Charms Club (Homeschool Club), they meet at 11 am on the second Tuesday of every month in the Extension Office Public Meeting Room.  Leader is Cindy Pagan (ournestfull@aol.com).