Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Senior Age 4-H Youth Invited to Complete Research Study about 4-H Agents and Volunteers' Impacts in the Community

Please see the message below from a Virginia Tech Master's degree student. This is for senior age youth, ages 14-18. Survey link:

My name is Leona Ransdell and I am contacting you on behalf of a study I am conducting as a final requirement for my Master’s Degree Program and I would appreciate your help. I worked with your 4-H agent  and they thought it might be a good idea for you to consider participating.

The purpose of this study is to generate an understanding on how the length of time a 4-H agent has been employed in a county program affects the influence of the youth enrolled in the 4-H program. This knowledge will be used to assist the research team in learning if the length of time an agent is employed increases the positive or negative perception of the 4-H program in the community. We expect to find specific information regarding the length of time an agent has been employed and how it correlates to the perceptions of the youth on the local 4-H programs. Results will be shared via a project and report document being completed by myself.

The study is open to all youth ages 14-19 that are enrolled 4-H members in the state of Virginia. If you wish to read more information on this study and to allow your child to participate in the short survey, please click the following link.

This link will take you to more information about the study and the consent to participate. This study is being conducted with the assistance of my academic advisor, Dr. Tiffany Drape, Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education.

Once you have consented to allowing your youth to take this survey, please click the arrows on the bottom of the first screen. Please then allow your youth to take the survey themselves.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! Thank you so much for providing me with valuable data!

Leona Ransdell
Equine Extension Program Associate - Youth
388 Litton Reaves
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA  24061
540-231-6345 (office)
540-231-3010 (fax)