Thursday, June 7, 2018

Meet Our 4-H Seniors!!!

Meet Charlotte Manvell!
Charlotte is a Spotsylvania native who commutes to Orange county to ride horses and 
participate in our Bit-N-Bridle 4-H program. Charlotte began participating in 4-H at the age
of 9 and and has been in the program for 9 years. As a member of Bit-N-Bridle, Charlotte 
participates in the events that test horse knowledge such as hippology, horse bowl, horse 
presentations, and horse judging.
The greatest opportunity that 4H has afforded Charlotte is the opportunity to join the
 state judging team. Through this experience, she has traveled the country to Ohio, Georgia,
 Oklahoma, and Kentucky. At these places, she has attended large scale horse shows such
as the Quarter Horse Congress and Arabian Nationals, where she was able to compete in 
their horse judging contests. Charlotte's favorite 4H memory was having her team win the 
Eastern National Horse Judging competition. Not only was it was a huge accomplishment due 
to the large scale competition, but also because the team of young ladies who participated 
together for years worked together to accomplish a goal they had set!  The biggest lesson that 
Charlotte has learned through 4-H is that even if you are not immediately good at something,
that does not mean you should stop trying to better yourself. Charlotte said, “I was terrible at 
presentations as a junior, it made me nervous and I always placed last. However, as a senior, I
have learned to love presenting and have also placed very highly at the southern regional 
When asked how 4H has impacted her life, Charlotte answered, “Through these many 
levels of competition, I have regularly wondered, “Where I would be without 4-H, would I have the 
confidence to give a presentation to a crowded room? Would I have the knowledge to expertly
describe a class of horses I evaluated hours ago?” And repeatedly the answer is no. Without 4-H 
and horses, I would be unsure of what I wish to pursue as I open this new chapter in my life, and 
while I have a passion for many topics like calculus and chemistry, none of them compare to the 
passion I have for animals and animal healthcare. Furthermore, 4-H has not only helped me 
determine what I wish to pursue, but has also equipped me with important skills such as public 
speaking and being comfortable working with people of all ages and backgrounds. Also, those 
skills that are more specific to the veterinary field such as how to handle and care for animals 
from birth to old age.4-H is not only the ability to work with animals and learn more about their 
care, but also expand my horizons and learn about subjects few people are aware of. 4-H has
helped me to discover my true passion for animal welfare and research in animal-related fields.”
Charlotte has received the VCE Connie Collier Equine scholarship and will be attending NC State
in the fall to pursue a degree in animal science. Following graduation, she plans on either attending
vet school to acquire a DVM or work towards getting a PhD so that she can perform research in 
order to improve animal care.
We are excited to see what the future holds for Charlotte and wish her the best! You go, Charlotte!