Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Great First Day of Camp!

4-H Junior Camp is off to a great start! The weather seemed a little iffy at the beginning, and while we did have a few sprinkles of rain, it didn't change any of our plans. We heard the town of Front Royal got heavy rains, but not here at camp!

We checked in this afternoon and got our beds made. (Well, sort of...any parents have any guesses on how that went? LOL) We learned the rules of camp, had our health checks, and then went to pack meetings where we made new friends and learned new games.

Supper gave us a chance to try out the new cafeteria-style dining as opposed to the family-style dining we've used for many years. We're happy to report that everyone made it through the food lines in nine minutes! We call that a success. We have new kitchen staff Anita and Mark and they are doing a nice job!

Tonight's evening program was a pool party, which really got everyone moving. We did swim tests for various sections of the pool and then had free swim, games like soaking your counselors, and music on the loudspeaker.

Our Great Bears Goldfish and Sheba led a fun campfire, and our counselors performed a skit about selling a house. Trap is a new counselor who found out about the fireplace role in that skit!

Each pack elected a Little Bear during pack meetings and those persons were recognized during campfire with a special necklace and bandana.

Time to rest up for tomorrow!