Monday, June 26, 2017

The Rest of the "Monday Story"

With the amazing weather here at camp, we've ENJOYED being outside the entire time! Look at the good old fashioned fun during afternoon rec!

Gau-gau is life at 4-H camp, and you can see how many kids flock to it each chance they get. Gau-gau is best described as dodgeball in an octagonal sand pit. A playground ball is hit back and forth, but it cannot touch your feet or below your knee. If so, then you're "out". This fast-paced play is exhilarating to play and watch.

There was some serious jump roping going on, too. Several campers made a contest out of it. The record number of jumps after the rhyme was 70, and that's because she was cut off due to time!

Checkers and chess were options for those looking to sharpen their brains and enhance their strategic thinking skills.

The evening program was a talent show, and we had over 20 wonderful acts! Parents, you should be proud of your kids' courage, stage presence, and talents.

There were gymnastics.



And a whole pack who performed a skit rather than selecting individuals.

We also had plenty of singers, instrumentalists, and dynamic duos. What a fun night!