Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Scenes from a Terrific Tuesday

We are happy to report it's been another great day at camp! Today's Spirit theme was Red, White, and Blue, and this is one patriotic bunch! These fabulous four are donning a previous camp staff shirt, and we so appreciate their volunteerism. We couldn't do camp without them! 

"Sharpie" on staff made an extra effort to participate in our spirit day, plus she helped the Skunk pack earn bear claws! 

The T-shirt Art folks show off their handmade flag print shirts.

Today's project involved tie-dying. This is a Tuesday project so the shirts can dry before coming home with the luggage!

 Salty and Pepper have some incredible workouts for the fitness class! Try exercise sliding across the auditorium. Feel the burn. :)

The evening program centered around marshmallows since our overall camp theme is "There's S'more to Explore at 4-H Camp".

One marshmallow game involved seeing how many marshmallows you could stack on your counselor's forehead. Thanks for being a good sport, Lil Red!

This relay involved teamwork and a quick reaction time.

Here, campers had to use a ruler to hit a marshmallow through the grass, around their counselor, and back to the front of the relay line. 

 The marshmallow toss was fun, but things got a lil sticky when holding the marshmallows in your hand!

"Mallow Ball" was the big winner for the night. It was a hand ball version of Quidditch, affiliated with Harry Potter. Packs worked together to score.

 Again, we are grateful for our strong adult volunteers. They make such a difference at camp!