Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday Morning Moments

Editor's Note:  Oops! We thought this published before lunch! We got so wrapped up in a great day of camp that we failed to complete the post. Oh, well, nature, friends, and learning are more important than technology anyway, right???

Brought to you by Blondie, Teen Counselor

Here are some photos of our classes this morning!

T-shirt Art students were using masking tape to start their designs.

Lego Builders had loads of fun while starting to create their masterpieces.

Duck Tape started their first project which was creating flags!

Blow Off STEAM started off by looking through all the fun materials to start their projects.

 Riflery all took turns shooting at the first sets of targets.

Basketball class members were learning skills and scrimmaging each other.

Bubbly Bob introduced the model rockets project. He was impressed by one camper who knew all about physics and started into great detail to answer Bob's question. :)

Sports Mix played kickball, a game that involved everyone!

Goldfish makes a flying leap to make a catch and get the "out".

Then we were off to lunch for turkey sandwiches.