Thursday, May 25, 2017

State Fair Livestock Nomination Sites Announced

The State Fair youth livestock nomination sites were released today. The full PDF packet is available here. Additionally, it is posted below with the ability to scroll through the document.

There are changes for 2017 and it is the exhibitor's family's responsibility to be up to date and to complete all necessary requirements.

Sheep, goats, market cattle, and commercial heifers all need to be nominated in person. (Most Orange County youth already did this at our local weigh-ins.) The nomination weigh-ins are only in the month of June and all are a fairly long distance from Orange.

Hogs need to be nominated by tag only. Request tags from Joi Saville on campus; she will send to the Extension office and then each family will have to install their own tags by August 1.

These nomination sites are just step 1 in the State Fair process. You will have to actually enter animals in the fair using an online process by August 15. That system should go live one month before the due date.