Wednesday, April 26, 2017

FINAL REMINDER: Hog Nomination Photos

Final Reminder that all hog nomination photos are due by this FRIDAY, April 28th. We hope that everyone has found success in finding and purchasing your hog projects. Remember that this is a REQUIREMENT for all hog exhibitors in order to exhibit your project at the 2017 OCF.

Thanks in advance for your attention to the following nomination process:
  1. Pick up official identification tag from the Extension Office (tags were also distributed at the last livestock club meeting; so some exhibitors procured them at that event)
  2. Install tag in 4-H project hogs ear (if further information about proper installation is needed please email
  3. Take a digital photo of the hog with the newly installed tag  being visible in its ear. We must be able to read the tag in the photo. If any other specific, physical IDs can be documented in the picture along with the tag that is recommended. (Note: tag readability is the first priority in the photo, if color or any other distinguishing characteristics can be documented through the photo, along with the tag being readable that is a bonus)
  4. Please email photo to on or before Friday, April 28th
*Example of a suitable nomination photo.