Thursday, November 3, 2016

Livestock Club Embraces New Meeting Schedule and Hosts Card Making Workshop

The Livestock Club is trying some new meeting formats this year, so for the month of November, the monthly business meeting is being replaced by hands-on workshops. Four are being offered, and the first one was held last night.

New volunteer Lisa DiGiorgio and friend Extension Master Food Volunteer Mutahara Mobashar worked with 15 youth to create handmade greeting cards. Youth were introduced to a die-cutting machine and made various farm animal silhouettes out of card stock. They then arranged the cutouts and made greeting cards or thank you cards for future use.

While not all youth will choose to wait, one possibility exists for these handmade cards to be used to thank buyers and supporters of the 2017 Orange 4-H Auction.

Thank you, Lisa and Mutahara! This was a very popular workshop and registrations had to be closed just one week into the sign-up period.