Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wednesday Night Fun

With such great weather, happy campers, and hard working teens and adults, this week has flown by! Last night featured a dance and outdoor recreation for kids. Here are some photos you might enjoy.

Goldfish, Earl, and Blu-berry were hanging out by the pool. There *might* have been some other counselors nearby who got a little wet by these three's shenanigans, but we'll never tell.

The dance was a rockin' place to be and featured a couple special performances by Chorus, one of our teen counselors on vocals and guitar.

Nine-square-in-the-air was a popular game and there was always a line of kids to rotate through.

Chess offered a chance for the meeting of the minds.

And then there was the game of Life...

Gaga. Camp kids (and teens and adults) go crazy for gaga. We obviously can create a makeshift pit wherever needed.