Monday, June 13, 2016

A Great First Night of Camp!

Sunday evening turned out to be a great night and a smooth start to Camp 2016. 

The required swim tests were integrated into a pool party, complete with music, popcorn, and games. 
 Like cornhole.
 And nine-square (a mix of four-square and volleyball!).
 Face painting. :)
 The water felt great, too, getting two thumbs up!
  K-Unit got squished in a wet hug by Gazelle and Barbie.
 The diving board was a popular place to play.
 The camp goal is to meet two friends each day, so these ladies got an early start.
 Superman, Fall, and Spring helped with face painting, including each other!
Campfire was special as each pack's Little Bear was recognized and our local Great Bears (teens) led the tradition.