Monday, June 27, 2016

Congratulations to our Livestock Judging Team

After three months of hard work, our 2016 Livestock Judging Team placed 6 out of 16, at the State Livestock Judging Contest in Blacksburg, Va. The team was seven points shy of being named one of the top teams in the state. Team members included Salaar Ali- who led the team placing 10 overall and 4 in hogs, Diesle Gilbert and Sadie Wentz.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Fitting and Grooming Fun

Despite the rain, our 4-Hers had a great time learning how to fit and groom different livestock animals. The workshop covered how to properly use equipment, covered the basics of fitting, daily hair care,  and grooming sheep and cattle to prepare them for the Orange County Fair. We can't wait to see how all their animals turn out at the fair!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Safe Travels and Good Luck!

Today's the day that senior 4-H'er Blake Hopkins has been waiting for. As part of the national championship 4-H youth livestock judging team, he and his teammates and coaches are leaving today for Scotland, where they will judge in The Royal Highland contest. This is an incredible achievement, and Blake is only the second Orange 4-H member to participate. (Hats off to Elizabeth Nixon who was our first!)

We wish Blake and the Virginia delegation safe travels and a successful contest. Meet as many people as you can, learn as much as you can, and have fun!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Seniors of 4-H

Meet Kyle Sacre

Kyle Sacre, is an Orange County native that has been involved in 4-H since he was a Cloverbud. Sacre has participated in many different activities within 4-H, with large involvement in various community service activities and the county fair, where he shows hogs. Sacre describes 4-H as a "learning experience. That teaches you how to set goals and achieve them. You get to meet new people, and you learn responsibility." He regards learning responsibility as one of his biggest accomplishments through 4-H. Showing hogs at the county fair not only taught him how to be responsible, but provided him opportunities to improve his communication skills.  "Going out and talking to different buyers at the fair really helped me learn how to talk to different people," Sacre said. After being in the 4-H community all his life, Sacre is confident he has learned how to be an active member of any community. 4-H is important to him because it gave him a chance to learn about animals and help others. While Sacre is not exactly positive what he wants to do in the far future, he will be attending Piedmont Community College in the fall.

Congratulations Kyle and we wish you the best of luck in your future!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wednesday Night Fun

With such great weather, happy campers, and hard working teens and adults, this week has flown by! Last night featured a dance and outdoor recreation for kids. Here are some photos you might enjoy.

Goldfish, Earl, and Blu-berry were hanging out by the pool. There *might* have been some other counselors nearby who got a little wet by these three's shenanigans, but we'll never tell.

The dance was a rockin' place to be and featured a couple special performances by Chorus, one of our teen counselors on vocals and guitar.

Nine-square-in-the-air was a popular game and there was always a line of kids to rotate through.

Chess offered a chance for the meeting of the minds.

And then there was the game of Life...

Gaga. Camp kids (and teens and adults) go crazy for gaga. We obviously can create a makeshift pit wherever needed.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Exciting Class Happenings on Wednesday of Camp

All of the 4-H camp classes are designed in a way that each day builds on a skill learned the day before. Today we share with you photos of some of the things offered during camp. 

High ropes is a great class for pushing oneself to learn, set goals, and achieve things once thought not possible. The NOVA 4-H Center's challenge course is also open to user groups like corporate retreats, civic organizations, and other groups who seek a teambuilding challenge. 

Checking out the tree canopy on the zipline through the forest.

Working together in the Low Ropes course to achieve a common goal.

Learning about surface tension and surfactants in Wacky Science class.

An attempt to walk on one dozen eggs, also in Wacky Science class.

Using rocks and weights to test those principles of "egg design", too.

Learning to assemble a candy dispenser in woodworking class.

Getting woodburning tool assistance from the Great Bear.

We've had wonderful adult volunteers to help our campers with their projects.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday Starts With Polar Bear Swim

A couple of years ago, we started what has become a tradition: the polar bear swim. Kids can choose to be awakened early and go to the pool for a quick dip. In the past couple of years, it's been so hot that the swim was warm, not chilly, as hoped. 

Well...2016 was different! It was cool this morning, and campers had fun guessing how many "bags of ice" we added to the pool after they went to sleep last night. That rumor was one we just chose not to dispel. :) 

As the sun came up, our campers jumped in. Check out our Facebook page for a video. 

The high ropes class tackled the climbing wall today.

Woodworking class is making a candy dispenser.

Here's a design from T-shirt art.

Preparing to tie dye. Zip ties work so much better than rubber bands!

Creating decorative pennants in arts and crafts.

FCCs (Future Camp Counselors) working on teambuilding skills.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Our OC 4-H Blog Fans are Awesome!!!

Whoa!!! It's a BIG night for Orange County 4-H! WE BROKE 100,000 PAGE VIEWS!!! Thank you, our loyal readers, for visiting this blog! Who would have thought that our tiny 4-H community would generate so much interest?!?

(insert happy dance here)

A Lovely First Full Day!

We are having the best weather we've had in 15 years at camp! We are not taking it for granted for one second. It's been sunny and breezy here today, and the dorms actually got COOL last night!!! When was the last time that happened?!? We can't remember!

Here are some action shots of our day so far. :)

After breakfast, we raised flags and said the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge.

Today's Spirit Day was Tacky Tourists, so campers who participated helped their packs earn bear claws.

Outdoor Living Skills participants went on a hike.

 Campfire cooking students learned to chop vegetables.

 Low ropes class offered team challenges on the ground.

It was a beautiful day for canoeing on Lake Culpeper. 

Baking class participants made butterscotch and chocolate chip cookies.

Enjoying the sunshine in Low Ropes.

Making checkerboards in Duct Tape class.

Stormy preparing a mock-up dreamcatcher for tomorrow's class.

Very creative tic tac toe boards in Arts & Crafts class.

Playing Tetrus using playdough controllers in Create, Innovate, & Solve.

The room smelled so good in Day Spa as they crafted their own lotions and scents with Applejacks' and Trisha's help!

Wacky Science class using magnets to test for iron in corn flakes and Total cereals.

Part two of the cereal experiment when soaked in water. Conclusion: the cereal containing 100% of the recommended daily allowance of iron did in fact show more movement when wanded with a magnet. 

Step one of batik painted shirts in T-shirt Art class: applying the glue. 

Back to Wacky Science as they denatured milk proteins.

Participants were surprised at how stretchy the "milk" became with a little vinegar and heat. 

But it was also stinky! :)

Some chose to make duct tape art or tissue paper flowers during Rec. 

And then there were several fast-paced games of the 4-H camp favorite -- gau gau.