Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Meet the Intern

Meet our 2016 summer intern, Joy Nystrom. Joy is originally from Falls Church, Va, but moved to Culpeper, Va when she was 16. She graduated from Virginia Tech on May 13, with a degree in Dairy Science.  After moving and taking an Introduction to Agriculture course during high school, she decided to work on a neighboring buffalo farm where she fell in love with animals and agriculture.  The decision to pursue Dairy Science came quickly after attending the Dairy Club at Virginia Tech's Annual Little All-American Show, where she saw the connection students shared with their dairy heifers and decided that Dairy Science encompassed everything that she was looking for.

Her pursuit of a Dairy Science degree, led her to explore many different sides of the dairy industry including: working in a dairy nutrition lab, interning on an agritourism farm, milking cows on a farm in Radford, and interning for the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association Inc. in their communications department. After seeing the different sides of the dairy industry, Joy wanted to explore extension as she believes is the perfect combination of research and promotion with a good dose of animal handling. Joy is passionate about teaching others about agriculture and is excited to see all that extension has to offer. In her free time, she enjoys running, rock climbing, baking, and playing with her greyhound, Mr. President.