Thursday, April 7, 2016

Orange 4-H Bit N' Bridle Club Excels at State 4-H EquiSmartz Contest

Reported by club members

Bit N' Bridle enjoyed the Virginia Horse Festival while attending our state knowledge weekend known as EquiSmartz.  We watched clinics on jumping and riding gaited horses as well as trying our hands at shoeing a "horse". 

The contest was a great way to test what we learned from all of our studying this year.  Club members participating included Andie, Cora, Alisa, Alayna, Emily, Matthew and Charlotte.  We were fortunate to be paired with other 4-Hers for some contests and we enjoyed competing with Savannah, Claire, and Carrie from Craig and Rockingham counties.

Team awards:  
Hippology Seniors, 3rd Overall; Juniors 5th Overall.
Horse Judging:Seniors 5th Overall,Juniors 5th Overall

Charlotte and Cora took home individual ribbons: 
  • Charlotte, 1st place overall for Hippology, 1st place for Horse Judging and 1st place for Horse Bowl, high point individual.  
  • Horse Presentation, Senior Charlotte 2nd Place. 
  • Cora, 5th place overall Hippology, 7th place overall Horse Judging; and Horse Public Speech Junior,Cora 1st Place.  
  • Charlotte and Cora were able to Caroline county's horse bowl teams.  Charlotte's senior team finished fourth and Cora's junior team finished first.