Monday, December 28, 2015

Bit N Bridle's Success at Northern District Judging Contest

Congratulations to members of the Bit N Bridle club on their success at the Northern District Judging Contest on Saturday, December 19 at the Fauquier County Fairgrounds.
Six club members participated in the Virginia 4-H Northern District Horse Judging Contest.  Thanks to all the great volunteer people and volunteer horses- it was a fun day!  Even though it was a very chilly judging morning, we are very proud of the junior and senior teams- they did a great job of observing the horses and talking their reasons.

The senior team was made up of Charlotte Manvell, Matthew Miller, Emily Wright, and a visiting member, Savannah.  The senior team placed 4th overall, 4th in Halter, 5th in Performance, and 3rd in Reasons.  Senior individuals placed as follows: Halter- 10th place, Savannah; Performance- 6th place Charlotte, 1st place Emily; Reasons- 1st place Charlotte; Overall- 7th place Emily, 3rd place Charlotte.

The junior team was comprised of Alayna Schoenberger, Cora Hoemann, and a visiting member from Rockingham, Carrie.  The junior team placed 2nd overall, 2nd in Halter, and 1st in Performance.  Junior individuals placed as follows: Halter- 6th place Carrie, 5th place Cora; Performance- 2nd place Carrie, 1st place Cora; Overall- 3rd place Carrie and 1st overall was Cora Hoemann!

Congratulations and great job to all members who participated in this event!