Friday, November 6, 2015

Poinsettia Fundraiser Reminder!

Don't forget- the poinsettia fundraiser is going on now!  This is a great way to make money for your club that can be used all year.

Small, 6 inch pots are $7 each and jumbo, 8 inch pots are $14 each.   Half of the profit from these plants ($1.75 per plant for regulars and $3.75 for jumbos) goes back to the club that the members specify that they are selling for.

Orders are due to the Extension Office on November 19 (which is less than two weeks away!)  Then, they can be picked up from the Extension Office on December 2 from 3 pm until 6:30 pm and then throughout the day on December 3.  

These plants come from right here in Orange County- from Battlefield Farms.  These are gorgeous plants (when they say jumbo- they are huge!).  All plants are red- sorry, we cannot take orders for any other colors.    

Check out the document library in the "Poinsettia Fundraiser" folder for the 2015 order form and flier that you can use to advertise.  There are also images on the Facebook page that you can share to let people know that you are selling poinsettias.