Tuesday, October 20, 2015

4-H Goat Club Hosts two Exchange "Students" From Florida!

The County Line 4-H Club in Southwest Florida has sent two "Exchange" Students to visit Virginia for the year!  Freddie and Fannie 4-Her are both visiting from Florida, the "Sunshine State."  Freddie and Fannie don't get to travel much, they are always busy with their projects for 4-H and school.  Finally they have a slow time and are traveling around the US, Canada, and a few other countries.  Whenever your club does something fun, think about including Freddie and Fannie on your adventures!  They cannot take a camera with them, so your job will be to take pictures of your club doing fun things with these 4-Hers.
If your club would like to include Freddie and/or Fannie in your 4-H Activities, please visit the document library and look under the "Blog Post Follow Up" folder and print out Freddie and/or Fannie.  You will need to print in color and then cut them out to take them with you.  The County Line 4-H Club is very excited to see all of their travels throughout the year!