Thursday, September 17, 2015

National 4-H Week- We need your help!

For National 4-H Week October 4-10, we want to get Orange 4-H into the community.  Many people ask what clubs are in the county, what the clubs do, what is 4-H, why should they join, how to join, AND MORE!  We want to educate them!  We are asking each club to put together a 30 second- 1 minute clip of what the club does.  It could be club members explaining, a part of a meeting, pictures, a play, feel free to be creative- whatever helps explain your club to people who have no idea!  We will upload these to Facebook and the Blog during National 4-H week and will use these videos in the future as people ask about the clubs.

For the next part- we need YOUR help!!  We are asking you to share your "4-H Story"- why you joined 4-H, what has been your favorite part, things that you have learned, why you would encourage others to join, etc.  These could be written or on video that we could share during National 4-H Week as well.  We would love to have 4-H Story representation (at least one member!) from each club to share during the week! Your submissions could go on both Facebook and the blog!

Please let me know if you would like to participate in this- please send all submissions to Sarah (seweaver[at] by September 30 so that we can ensure that the information is ready to be on the blog and e-mail!