Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Comment Regarding Fair Theme Decorations

We've had a couple of families inquiring about how to decorate for the fair theme of Farm to Fair to Home. You're welcome to employ your creativity and do whatever you want, but if you're stuck, here's our idea.

This is a GREAT opportunity to educate the public about about what happens in 4-H and with animal care in all three places mentioned. Start with your farm. Show photos, add descriptions, tell people the history of your family and your farm. If you borrow animals, mention that and give credit to the farm owners who help you out. If you bought your animals from another breeder, showcase that person's farm.

For the fair portion, display the steps of what you had to do to get ready for the fair. Think of all the hours of walking, washing, training, planning; most fairgoers don't realize what you do. If you attend other fairs or shows, include those, too.

For the home part, what will you do after the fair? Tell the story of breeding animals that are returned to the farm and how you will make decisions regarding their progeny. For market animals, promote the high quality meat that you have produced and what makes it premium compared to other products. 4-H livestock shows are local foods at their best!

There are a number of ways to convey these messages, but pictures are always good. You should use large photos whenever possible, because fairgoers will be eight or more feet away from most displays and we want them to be able to see. Another approach to your display could be to use a tri-fold or three-panel display. First, the farm, then the fair, and then home.

Again, these are just suggestions, so feel free to use your creativity and tell your story however works best for you! Good luck!