Thursday, June 4, 2015

TACO Camp- Volunteers needed July 13-17

The Therapeutic Adventure Camp of Orange (TACO Camp) is looking for volunteers for the 2015 Summer Camp being held July 13-17 at Elmwood Farm just outside the town of Orange.  It is held from 8:30-12:00 each day.
This riding camp is for special needs youth ages 9-19 who live in Orange County.  This camp gives these youth a chance to have a 4-H Camping experience that they wouldn't otherwise be able to have.  In order to make this camp work, we need YOU! This is a completely volunteer run camp, and it takes a LOT of volunteers to make camp work!
We need volunteers to be sidewalkers (to walk beside the horses and help hold the campers on the horses while they are riding), arts and crafts volunteers, horse education station volunteers, photographers, recreation/exercise volunteers, music volunteers, and so much more!  We need both youth and adult volunteers.
To volunteer at summer camp, you must fill out an application that can be found on the document library in the "TACO" folder.  We would like to have all applications in by June 12 if possible!
More information is also on the first page of the application.  Please contact the Extension office if you have any questions!