Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hi, Mom and Dad, Just Letting You Know We've Had a Fun First Day

Wow!!! Where did the time go?!? We're almost ready to retire for the night. We met awesome staff today, and had chicken patties for dinner. The chocolate pudding seemed to be the favorite dinner item...imagine that!

We passed our swim tests after dinner and earned wristbands designating which area of the pool in which we could swim. Then it was time for a good old fashioned pool party and free swim!

The carnival gave us a chance to enjoy snow cones, free popcorn, and face painting.

There were games to play with tickets to earn. Tickets equated to "bear claws" for packs. (Those are points for you non-campers.) :)

The parachute attracted a large crowd.

And this is the frugal, but fun, way of having a dunk tank at the 4-H camp carnival. Campers threw sponges at a staffer, and for each "hit", the staffer got sprayed with the hose by a teen counselor.

A fortune teller appeared, and she was quite adept at guessing campers' names. Magic!

We ended with the traditional 4-H campfire, led by our Great Bears Sparky and Kel-Bel.