Friday, June 12, 2015

Archery Club Events at the Orange County Fair

During the Orange County Fair, the Archery Club sponsors tons of fun events!  The first event is a fun game Wednesday- the 3-Legged Race.  The second event is on Thursday, a Potato Sack Race, and Friday is Krazy Kickball!  Please see the fair catalog for exact times- the plan is to have all of these events around 5:30 each evening. We are inviting all clubs and the public to please come "play with us". Take a half hour break from your chores and come play with us!  
Also, if you have a bow, a quiver and arrows and are available, please come and shoot in our archery tournament Saturday morning at 8 am.  Fee to participate is $5 per person. Target Faces and a 3D archery range.  Call Dani Cole, Archery Club leader if you have any questions! Her phone number is 540-395-9355.