Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Auction Brochures Now Ready - Available Online or from the Extension Office

The annual 4-H auction brochures for the Orange County Fair are now available. These can be used as a resource to take with you when visiting potential buyers for the auction. Remember, you also need to produce a personalized flyer or letter to take with you as well.

The brochures are available at the Extension office or online: https://docs.google.com/a/vt.edu/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxvY3ZhNGh8Z3g6MWQyOGFlY2RkYWMxYmZjOQ.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Orange County Fair Schedule Reposted

We can tell it's almost Fair time because we're getting lots of calls. Shown below is a repost from May 12 with the schedule of 4-H shows at the Orange County Fair. We checked the fair's website today and it's still under construction.

We did find out that the Fair catalogs are being distributed in this week's Orange Review, so be sure to buy a copy of that and keep the insert! In addition to the complete schedule, the insert will also include entry information for arts and crafts, baked goods, garden and farm produce, etc. We know you 4-H'ers have great things to enter!!!

Fair Dates: July 22-25, 2015 (note the four-day schedule this year!)

Fair Theme: "Farm to Fair to Home"  You may wish to use this for decorating stalls/pens and Cloverbud wagons.

4-H Schedule at the Fair:

Wednesday of Fair Week

            Animals may arrive prior to fair’s scheduled opening time. Please, no arrivals while the fair is open to the public. This is for everyone’s safety.

Thursday of Fair Week

9:00 AM                        All animals must be on grounds.
Official ending weigh-in for market & feeder animals
11:00 AM                      Exhibitor Meeting (Show ring)
(or following weigh-in)
6:00 PM                        Pretty Animal Contest, sponsored and managed by the Dairy Club; open to all exhibitors with halter-led animals
7:00 PM                        4-H Hog Show

Friday of Fair Week

          4:00 PM                        4-H Lamb & Market Goat Show
          7:00 PM                        4-H Beef Show

Saturday of Fair Week

              8:30 AM                    4-H Dairy Goat Show 
              9:00 AM                    Archery Club of Orange Target Face Tournament
10:00 AM                    4-H Bottle Babies Show
10:30 AM                    Archery Club 3D Tournament
12:00 PM                     4-H Dairy Show
              4:00 PM                     4-H Auction

Sunday of Fair Week

9:00 AM                        Fairgrounds Clean-up – plan to stay until it’s complete! 

Archery Club Invites Other 4-H'ers to July Tournament

The Orange 4-H Archery Club invites all OC 4-H members to participate in their archery tournament at the Orange County Fair on Saturday, July 25. Please use the link below to access their flyer.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Livestock Judging Team Competes in State Contest in Blacksburg

Eight Orange 4-H youth traveled to Blacksburg Tuesday and Wednesday for the State Livestock Judging Contest. Held at Virginia Tech, the contest featured classes of beef, sheep, and hogs. Senior contestants gave four sets of reasons and junior youth delivered two sets.

The Orange teams consisted of Gini Bryington, Abbie Gill, Blake & Garrett Hopkins, Robert Nixon, Case & Brice Norford, and Hunter Watkins,

In the Junior division, Garrett Hopkins placed ninth overall. In the senior division, Blake Hopkins was the high senior individual overall, in addition to placing first in cattle and sheep, second in hogs, and fifth in reasons. Hunter Watkins placed ninth in cattle and sixth in swine. The senior team of Hopkins, Watkins, and Robert Nixon placed fourth in cattle, third in swine, and fifth in reasons.


Blake Hopkins displays his awards from the Senior division of the contest.

The top 10 high individuals in the senior division will make up the State 4-H Judging Team. Hopkins is pictured at far right. Photo credit: Shelley Ellington, Rockingham 4-H. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Orange County 4H Crazy Pets presents: Crazy Pets Contest at the Orange County Fair!!

Orange County 4H Crazy Pets presents: Crazy Pets Contest at the Orange County Fair!!

Saturday July 25 at 10:30
All folks are welcome, young and young at heart along with furry, feathered, scaly, slimy, fluffy, slick, soft, prickly, hard, leathery, or just plain cute (Leash or containment required as well as any license tag requirements. Thanks!)

The Categories:

 Best Dressed (costumed)

 Looks Most Like Owner

 Most Interesting

 Best Trick

 Snuggliest

 Fanciest (color, coat, pattern - natural – not costumed)

 Best Face

 Best Owner/Critter Voice Imitation

 Craziest!

 Judges Choice

Sign up Wednesday July 23 – Saturday July 25 by 10:25 at the Crazy Pets Club Animal Education Tent! See you there!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Dairy Opportunities

The entries are now up for the VA summer Holstein and colored breed shows.  They are July 30-August 1 at the Rockingham County fairgrounds.  Information can be found at: http://www.vaholstein.org/

Also,  The VA state fair would like to expand their dairy show and invite anyone interested in showing there.  More information can be found on their website:http://statefairva.org/Portals/0/PDF%20Forms/2015/2015_Youth_Dairy_Show.pdf .  There is some pretty great scholarship opportunities at the state fair for youth dairy exhibitors and they only need to be at the fair for 4 days! 

For more information, please contact Jeremy Daubert at the Rockingham County Extension Office (540)705-4627.

YMQA Training at Orange Extension Office THIS THURSDAY!

Remember that YMQA (Youth Meat Quality Assurance) training is required annually for all State Fair participants. Our Orange training will be this Thursday, from 3-5 p.m. at the Extension office. So far only four folks are signed up. 

The only exception to this is kids who had BQA training this year (for cattle working) and who are planning to show only beef at the State Fair; you have been approved by David Roper, new Extension Livestock Specialist. If you're showing multiple species, you will need the more generic YMQA certification. 

The only additional trainings locally listed for the state are in July in Shenandoah or Rockingham counties. You are more than welcome to attend those if that suits your schedule. Just be sure to call the sponsoring office to pre-register. Details are listed at http://www.ext.vt.edu/topics/4h-youth/youth-livestock/clinics-camps/youth-meat-qa/index.html

Monday, June 22, 2015

Archery Club participates in Fundraising Activity at Orange County Fair Tractor Pull

Below are some pictures of Archery Club members participating in a fundraising activity parking cars at the Orange County Fair Association Tractor Pull June 19 and 20.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tonight's Surprise Was a LIVE BAND for the Dance!!!

Tonight as we left dinner and went to lower the flags and sing Taps, one camper remarked sadly, "The week has gone by so fast..." She was right - it has passed quickly. But we're not done yet!

Tonight we surprised campers with visits from four former counselors: Templeton, Skipper, J-3, and Triple J.

To top that, two of the counselors now make up the J-Town band, so we're having a live concert which the campers are loving!

Louisa 4-H Sheep and Goat Showmanship Clinic

This Saturday, June 20, Louisa 4-H will be hosting a Lamb and Goat Showmanship clinic at 4 p.m. Kristin Seay, Louisa intern, will be giving a talk on showmanship, and there will also be another guest speaker there.  If you are interested in attending, you will need to RSVP to Julie at 540-967-3190.  The clinic will be held at the Capozella's Farm, 8471 Courthouse Road, Louisa VA.  For more information, please contact the Louisa County Extension Office at 540-967-3422.

More Class Photos

There are so many great classes offered here at camp, we're excited to share a few photos with you!

Conquering the climbing wall in High Ropes.

Working together on the Low Ropes course.

Starburst and Gravy hamming it up in Cheerleading.

Awesome birdhouses in Woodworking.

Riding in Horsemanship.

"Enjoying" the long walks between classes.

Ready to navigate the waters of Lake Culpeper in Canoeing class.

Reelin' 'em in for Fishing class.

Learning to paddle a canoe.

Yummy goodness in Campfire Cooking.

Fresh fruit salsa to go with homemade pita chips in Baking.

Duct Tape wallets.

Gau-gau in Sports Mix. 

Any ideas why her name is Bandana?

Leaf print works of art in Arts & Crafts with Stormy.

And two more "old folks" pics just because we had so much fun with that!!!

Coleslaw was decidedly grayer on the third day of camp than the first.

K-Unit and Asa got lots of laughs from the kids.

Claydough and Little D transformed into "Stanley" and "Earl" and they were a hoot all day!!!

A Little Rain Never Hurt, Right?

So we've experienced our first rain of the week this morning, but it's only been a light drizzle, and it sure is cooler than the rest of the week, so we are grateful for that. E-mails from families have been rolling in, so we know you're keeping up with the blog posts. Here are a few more photos for you to enjoy.

Parents, you will be proud to know that this group of campers has been very, very well behaved this week!!! Good job!

Every good fishing instructor needs a cup of coffee to get through the first class of the day. :)

Performing Arts step routine...

Performing Arts practicing The Cup Song...

Aiming for the bullseye in riflery class...

Peer coaches/partners in riflery...

A mad game of basketball...

Intense competition...

Code Red clears the ball that was wedged against the rim...

We're all having a great time. Thanks for checking in with us!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Update

What a fantastic day. The bravest of campers woke up early for the Polar Bear Swim. Today our theme is Centenarians!!  Check this group who are looking the part.  

 Currently the sun is shining and the campers enjoyed morning classes and rec/pool time in the afternoon.   
Yes, It's hot but we are drinking lots of water and having fun anyway!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Afternoon and Evening

After a morning of awesome classes, campers were ready for some relaxing.   The weather stayed cleared so we enjoyed some fun times at pool and recreation.  After dinner the packs went head to head in some Minute to Win It style challenges.  We ended our day with another great campfire.  There are some tired campers tonight so I am sure they will fall asleep fast and be ready for another great day of camp in the morning.