Thursday, May 7, 2015

Upcoming Horse Events

submitted on behalf of Resi Connell, 4-H Natural Horse Addicts Club Leader

We are hosting a series of 13 rides over the summer with a national, non-profit trail challenge group called ACTHA. ACTHA donates a portion of their proceeds to the charity of our choice, which, for these rides, is our Natural Horse Addicts Club. There are lots of other fund raising opportunities here as well for the club members during the event.

ACTHA provides free membership to junior riders and those junior riding in our saddle series have an opportunity to win a saddle too!

You can learn more about the rides and prizes here:

Also, we need 2 adult volunteers (and maybe a backup) for our ACTHA Obstacle Challenge that is coming up on May 17.  These two volunteers will serve as obstacle judges for the event.  This is a fund raising event for our Natural Addicts 4-H club.  No experience is necessary. We need to have the volunteers in place by Monday or Tuesday.  Please let me know if you would be able help by emailing me at