Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Host Families Needed for 3 IFYE Delegates

Host families are needed for 3 IFYE (International 4-H Youth Exchange) delegates that will be visiting the US this year!  IFYE delegates are normally in their late teens and early 20s who spend extended amounts of time in the US.  To give them a variety of experiences, their stay will be split into three time periods and families will host for about a month.
This is a great way for a family to broaden its horizons without leaving home!  Host an IFYE, gain a friend and have memories for a lifetime.

IFYE 1: Salome Savoy, age 22, is a college student at a teacher training college in Berne, Switzerland, her homeland.  She wants to obtain her Master's degree and become a great teacher.  She speaks German, French, Spanish, and English.  She enjoys karate, dance, singing, travel, cooking, and all kinds of sports.  She has two sisters, ages 18 and 17.  Her father is a bus driver and her mother a lab worker.  So that she can have different experiences in Virginia, she will need three host families.
Her stay will be divided between three host families as follows:
June 23-July 19
July 19- August 16
August 16- September 9

IFYE 2: A 23 year old female from South Korea.  Information on her has not been received yet.

IFYE 3: Nora Marie Feyder, age 18, hails from Luxembourg and her exchange will take her first to Alaska for three months and then to Virginia.  She speaks French, German, and English.
She wants to be a costume designer, and she would enjoy being able to put her education to work by helping children with a different cultural background.  She enjoys ballet and modern jazz, clarinet and piano, drawing and painting, sewing, plastic art, and reading.  Her father is a farmer and her mother a dietitian.  She has two sisters, ages 20 and 12.
Her stay will be divided between three host families as follows:
October 6- October 31
October 31- November 21
November 21- December 9