Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fair Schedule of 4-H Events- UPDATED SCHEDULE FOR 2015

The fair schedule for 2015 has been updated!  Please pay close attention to the schedule this year as there are many changes for these events.  Please see the final fair catalog for daily fair opening and closing times.

Wednesday of Fair Week

            Animals may arrive prior to fair’s scheduled opening time. Please, no arrivals while the fair is open to the public. This is for everyone’s safety.

Thursday of Fair Week

9:00 AM                        All animals must be on grounds.
Official ending weigh-in for market & feeder animals
11:00 AM                      Exhibitor Meeting (Show ring)
(or following weigh-in)
6:00 PM                        Pretty Animal Contest, sponsored and managed by the Dairy Club; open to all exhibitors with halter-led animals
7:00 PM                        4-H Hog Show

Friday of Fair Week

          4:00 PM                        4-H Lamb & Market Goat Show
          7:00 PM                        4-H Beef Show

Saturday of Fair Week

              8:30 AM                    4-H Dairy Goat Show 
10:00 AM                    4-H Bottle Babies Show
12:00 PM                     4-H Dairy Show
              4:00 PM                     4-H Auction

Sunday of Fair Week

9:00 AM                        Fairgrounds Clean-up – plan to stay until it’s complete!