Thursday, May 28, 2015

Crazy Pets Contest at the Orange County Fair!

Orange County 4H Crazy Pets presents: Crazy Pets Contest at the Orange County Fair!!

Saturday July 25 at 10:30
All folks are welcome, young and young at heart along with furry, feathered, scaly, slimy, fluffy, slick, soft, prickly, hard, leathery, or just plain cute (Leash or containment required as well as any license tag requirements. Thanks!)

The Categories:

 Best Dressed (costumed)

 Looks Most Like Owner

 Most Interesting

 Best Trick

 Snuggliest

 Fanciest (color, coat, pattern - natural – not costumed)

 Best Face

 Best Owner/Critter Voice Imitation

 Craziest!

 Judges Choice

Sign up Wednesday July 23 – Saturday July 25 by 10:25 at the Crazy Pets Club Animal Education Tent! See you there!