Thursday, April 9, 2015

Host Families needed for Exchange Students for 2015-2016 School Year

Host families are needed for the 2015-16 school year.  Virginia 4-H has committed to placing 4 high school exchange students from Japan and Korea  with host families providing them the opportunity to experience our school system and family life.  The deadline for host family applications to be processed is May 1, 2015.  

Delegates come with their own spending monies and medical insurance.  They must attend the local high school.  They are here to experience American culture and education, not for travel.

Host families are approved once the application process is completed and the delegate has been officially accepted for attendance by the local high school.  The application process includes:  application with pictures of house and family, background and financial disclosures, references, in-home visit/interview.

Interested persons can visit the States 4-H Exchange website and FB pages (addresses are below with contact information)  to learn more about the hosting experience. The application process is included on the States 4-H Exchange website.  Be sure to click the tab “Become a Host Family” to review all of the information and for the application process.

Below is a list of delegates available to Virginia 4-H families.  There are over 30 delegates who need host families. Becky Moyer can provide additional delegates' information if someone has questions.

Becky Moyer is the Coordinator for this 4-H international exchange program. If you have questions, please contact Becky.

Rebecca B. Moyer, Coordinator
VA 4-H International Exchange, High School


Male Students:
Firuzjon, from Tajikistan, age 18, entering 12th Grade
     Interests, Personality, and Notes: soccer, volleyball, bicycling, wrestling, volunteering, leadership club, reading, listening to music, taking care of cows, religious activities NOTE: doesn't eat pork
Myktybek, from Kyrgyzstan, age 17, entering 11th grade
     Interests, Personality, and Notes: studying foreign languages, cooking, chess, video games, art, reading, taking care of farm animals, soccer, basketball NOTE: doesn't eat pork
Kotaro, from Japan, age 18, entering 12th grade
     Interests, Personality, and Notes: tennis, badminton, singing, movies, traveling.  Interested in volunteering, pets and leadership.  Sincere, friendly, and active
Haruki, from Japan, age 16, entering 10th grade
     Interests, Personality, and Notes: soccer, reading comics, listening to music, skiing, painting, drawing, computers.  Interested in farm animals, pets, and science.  Cooperative, focused, cheerful.
Ichiro, from Japan, age 16, entering 10th grade
     Interests, Personality, and Notes: running (hurdles), basketball, table tennis, playing card/board games, school clubs.  Interested in animals, public speaking, and leadership.  Adaptable, respectful, studious.

Female Students:
Angela, from Moldova, age 17, entering 12th grade
     Interests, Personality, and notes: dancing, aerobics, volunteering, painting, planning school events, crafts, pets, tending flowers, cooking
Tetyana, from Ukraine, age 16, entering 11th grade
     Interests, Personality, and Notes: Dancing, volunteering, sports, painting, cooking, foreign languages, reading, allergic to animal fur
Kyoka, from Japan, age 16, entering 11th grade
     Interests, Personality, and Notes: Running, tennis, gymnastics, table tennis, playing piano, watching sports.  Interested in volunteering.  Wants to be a doctor.  Considerate, curious, optimistic.
Kamila, from Kazakhstan, age 16, entering 11th grade
     Interests, Personality, and Notes: playing piano, swimming, reading, ice skating, bowling, dancing, yoga/pilates, cooking, movies, school clubs.  Likes math and foreign languages.  Note: has limited use of right arm/hand.  Dietary restrictions: no pork or foods made with yeast (bread)
Subin, from South Korea, age 16, entering 11th grade
     Interests, Personality, and Notes: playing piano and sogum (Korean instrument), volunteering, reading gymnastics, running, dodge ball, watching movies.  Studies Japanese and Russian; interested in international relations.  Active, bright, careful.