Thursday, March 12, 2015

Virginia Cooperative Extension State Updates- Youth Equine Specialist and Youth Livestock Specialist

An update from Virginia Cooperative Extension State Staff:

For those of you unaware, Virginia Tech has been going through a hiring process to hire two new youth specialists.  The Youth Equine Position and the Youth Livestock Position both work directly with Extension staff, youth, and undergraduate students.

Youth Equine Position- This position was reevaluated with focus on the best option to provide the needed leadership and support for the Youth Equine Programs.  As a result, Celeste Crisman has agreed to remain in the Youth Specialist position in a part time capacity to provide leadership and management oversight to the program.  Two Extension Program Associates will be hired to work with her to execute programs and competitions.  One Associate will be based on campus in Blacksburg (a similar position has existed for several years, but has been vacant for several months), and the second Associate will be a new position and will be based at the Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center (MARE Center).

Youth Livestock Position- The state is pleased to announce that Dr. David Roper from the University of Tennessee has accepted this position.  Dr. Roper has been very engaged in youth livestock programs his entire life, and has been actively involved in youth programming, undergraduate teaching, and Extension efforts during his time at UT while he has pursued his doctorate degree.  Dr. Roper will arrive on campus after the conclusion of spring semester.