Monday, March 16, 2015

Norway Teens Need Summer Host Families!

Consider opening your homes this summer and host a student from Norway!  There are 6 Norwegian teens who need host families from June 24-July 19.  They are:

IreneTroen Froysa, age 18, female, Interested in sports, soccer, skiing, movies, allergic to cats
Raymond Vag Lie, age 18, male, Interested in piano, friends, boat, fishing, photography
Runar Kydland, age 18, male, Interested in volleyball, ice hockey, cars, dirt biking
Camilla Heshein, age 30, female chaperone, interested in family, cooking, outdoor life, 4-H
Ingvild Solbert Brandtzaeg, age 17, female, Interested in 4-H, Handball, photography, sports, talking, farms
Ola Tomilson, age 18, male, Interested in photography, learning new things

For more information, visit

To host, please go to the following website and fill out an application form: