Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March is Presentations Month- Are you ready?

March is presentations month in Orange 4-H.  The Dairy Club has already given their presentations, and some 4-Hers even branched out and did some extemporaneous speaking and a radio spot!  As a reminder- here are some of the options that you can choose:

- Presentation
- Public Speaking
- Extemporaneous Speech
- Share-the-Fun
- Radio Spot

Presentations can be a demonstration, which shows how to do something, or an illustrated talk, which uses visuals to provide information on a topic.  Either type of presentation includes at least one visual, such as posters or PowerPoint, and tangible items when possible.  All of the presentations should have an introduction, body (materials and steps), and conclusion.

The document library has two GREAT handouts on presentations and public speaking.

After you have been in 4-H for a couple of years and mastered presentations, you can get out of your comfort zone and try something different!

Public speaking is where you must give a speech on a chosen topic.  You may not have any visual aids, props, or costumes.  The speech should be memorized with minimal use of notes and you should NOT read the entire speech!

Extemporaneous speaking is where the 4-Her will draw three topics and choose one topic to speak on.  The questions will be based on 4-H and life skill experiences that will not require any research.  Juniors and intermediates will have up to 30 minutes and seniors up to 15 minutes to prepare their talk.  Juniors and intermediates will speak on their topic for 2-3 minutes and seniors will speak on their topic for 3-5 minutes.

Share-the-Fun is a talent show.  Categories include: dance, drama, instrumental, variety, vocal, and combination.  You should check with your club leader to determine if Share-the-Fun will be held on a club level.
- Dance: includes tap, ballet, interpretive, modern, jazz, acrobatic, folk, clogging, step, Celtic
- Drama: includes play or scene from a play, monologue, mime
- Instrumental: playing of an instrument
-Variety: includes magic acts, stand-up comics, puppetry, impressionists, ventriloquism, clowning,
juggling, circus acts, tumbling/gymnastics, lip sync, bird calls, martial arts
- Vocal: all singing, including rap, yodeling, a cappella, or with musical accompaniment
- Combination- two or more categories above, such as singing and playing the guitar or dancing and

Radio spot is an opportunity for members to quickly and creatively promote some aspect of 4-H to the general public.  The radio spot should be EXACTLY 30 seconds in length.  The 4-Her also must provide a complete written script to the timekeeper.  The judges are unable to see the contestant, only hear them.

If you need more help on this, please contact your club leader or the Extension Office.  GOOD LUCK!