Monday, March 23, 2015

Block and Bridle Results

Congratulations to the Orange County Stockman's team on their participation in the Block and Bridle Stockmens and Livestock Judging Contests at Virginia Tech.  The team participated in the Stockmen's contest on Friday afternoon and the Livestock Judging contest on Saturday.

Results from the Stockmen's Contest:
The senior team made up of Hunter Watkins, Blake Hopkins, Robert Nixon, and Matthew Miller were first in judging; Hunter placed fifth individually and Blake placed third individually.  They were the fifth team overall for the contest and Blake was third overall for the contest.

Results from the Livestock Judging Contest:
The junior team of Abbie Gill, Seth Wilbanks, Case Norford, and Diesle Gilbert were first as a team in sheep; Abbie placed seventh overall in sheep for the junior division.
 In the advanced junior division, the team consisting of Garrett Hopkins, Brice Norford, and Gini Bryington placed first in sheep; Garrett placed fifth individually in swine and Brice placed seventh individually in sheep.

In the senior advanced division, the team of Robert Nixon, Blake Hopkins, and Hunter Watkins placed first in cattle and was second overall.  In cattle, Hunter was sixth overall and Robert was first overall.  Blake placed eighth individually in sheep and Robert placed ninth in reasons.  Overall, Robert placed seventh as an individual and Hunter placed fourth as an individual.

Congratulations to everyone who participated!  The team did a great job.  We encourage new members to join!