Wednesday, March 4, 2015

4-H State Congress

June may seem far off but it will be here before soon!  Senior 4-H Congress will take place June 15-18 in Blacksburg, VA. The registration packet and materials for Senior Congress will be released towards the end of March.  There will only be ONE registration phase this year.  It will combine all registration information (personal contact info, workshop requests, competitions, etc.) at once.   Registration will close on April 30.

4-H State Congress is a great opportunity for all senior 4-Hers (age 14-19 as of September 30 of this year) to attend a state wide event in Blacksburg.  Students have the ability to stay in the dorms on the Virginia Tech campus, eat in the award winning dining hall, visit the individual colleges on the campus, attend workshops, learn more about 4-H opportunities, and most importantly, meet other 4-Hers from across the state!

Last year Orange County took 13 youth to Congress.  Let's take even more this year!

While the information packet and registration will not be available for another month- here are the updates on the fees for this year. 

·         The fee for a full week participant will be $200 (there may be additional local fees for transportation in a charter bus to and from Congress)  
·         The fee for one day registration participants will be $40 (includes competition, lunch, and congress t-shirt). 

·         Congress Heroes Program:  In an effort to ensure that State 4-H Congress is affordable for all youth wishing to attend, this program allows youth to help generate funds that will support their registration fee.  This program has been vastly under-utilized in the past to assist youth with their registration fee.  We highly encourage youth to participate in this program to reduce/cover the cost of their registration fee.   If youth begin now, they have over 3 months to recruit support for this leadership opportunity.  Prizes will be awarded at Congress for top Congress Hero 4-H earners. 

More information about Senior 4-H Congress can be found at:

If you are interested in attending Congress or would like more information, please contact Sarah at the Extension Office.