Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bit N' Bridle Team takes Top Honors at Contest

Congratulations to the Bit N' Bridle team who braved the weather this past weekend for the Block and Bridle Contest at Virginia Tech and did exceptionally well!

Junior Team Made up of Emily Wright, Alayna Schoenberger, and Cora Hoemann
Senior Team- Made up of Charlotte Manvell, Savannah Stilwell, and Mikayla Moore

Junior Team placed 2nd Overall and Cora placed 9th overall and Emily placed 4th overall
Senior Team placed 1st Overall, Mikayla placed 8th overall, Savannah placed 6th overall, and Charlotte placed 1st Overall

Horse Judging:
Junior Team placed 5th overall and Cora placed 10th Overall and 1st in halter judging
Senior Team placed 3rd overall and first in performance, Charlotte placed 1st overall in overall judging and Savannah placed 3rd in performance judging