Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Block and Bridle Horse Judging Clinic

The Horse Judging Clinic will be held on November 15, 2014 on the Virginia Tech campus at
the Alphin-Stuart Arena on Plantation Road. This year’s agenda will cover conformation,
breed standards and performance classes. As always, there will be skill level specific instruction on reasons to address composition, organization, terms, and delivery. In addition, there will be a more vigorous teaching session for the advanced students in reasons as well as fun and educational horse related games for the beginners.
Also, please note that the entry deadline is October 31st, 2014.

General Information:
Advanced: For individuals that have significant contest experience. In addition to judging information, this group will focus on organizing and delivering a full set of reasons. These students should be knowledgeable with the reason format, delivery, and contest etiquette.
Intermediate: For individuals that have some judging experience. This group will focus on taking notes, class criteria, and giving a detailed pair of reasons. These students should have general knowledge of contests and be comfortable going through a solid pair in reasons.
Beginners: For individuals that have little to no judging experience. This group will focus on what horse judging is, what a contest is, what reasons are, and how to survive, taking notes and giving reasons.
Normally this is a large group that will be subdivided between ages 9-11 and 12 and older this year.
Coaches: Coaches are welcome to observe the clinic. If he/she pays the entry fee, a lunch will be
provided. Coaches may observe for free if they provide their own lunch.
Entries: Receiving entries postmarked by the October 31st deadline is a great help in planning for
lunches, locations, topics and more. If late entries are necessary, the $10.00 entry fee is charged. Checks
should accompany the entries. If policies prevent the inclusion with the entry, the coach should notify
Hannah McDonald to acknowledge arrangements. ( )

For registration information, please contact the Extension Office.