Friday, September 5, 2014

State Fair Skill-a-thon

The 2014 Skill-a-thon contests will be held in conjunction with the Premier Exhibitor Programs at the 2014 State Fair of Virginia. These contests are open to non-youth livestock exhibitors at the State Fair.  The contest will be held Friday, October 3 from 12:00 PM- 2:30 PM.

Key items about the Skill-a-thon contests for NON-exhibitors:
·         A separate gate entry pass will need to be purchased through the State Fair of Virginia, if you are not an exhibitor. Details about this registration is available on the youth livestock web site under the State Fair of Virginia information.
·         The skill-a-thon contests are limited to 3 contestants per species per age division for each club/chapter.
·         Skill-a-thon entry fee is $5 per person.

If you are a youth livestock exhibitor, you will automatically be entered in each respective species that you are showing, as well as the opportunity to choose one additional contest at registration.

If you are not showing at the state fair and you are interested in participating in the State Fair Skill-a-thon, you must contact the Extension Office by Monday and let us know what species you would like to compete in (beef, meat goat, sheep, swine).