Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Workshop Brochure is READY!

Yes, our Summer Workshop brochure is ready to go!
Here are the workshops that we will be offering this summer!

4-H Camp: June 29- July 3 (As of 5/23, there are still spots left!)
Super Sitters: July 1-2
Cloverbud Day Camp: July 14-17
Craftastic v. 1.0: July 31
Therapeutic Adventure Camp of Orange: August 4-8
Craftastic v. 2.0: August 12
Lifeskilz Bootcamp: August 15
Family Camp: August 18-21
Shriek to Chic Furniture Transformation: August 27

 Please visit the document library in the Summer Workshop folder or for more in-depth descriptions of the workshops, costs, places, times, and other important information.

We do not have a set date that all summer workshop registrations are due, but we do need registration turned in at least 3 weeks before the workshop's date.  Many of our workshops have a maximum number that we can take, and many fill up quickly, so the sooner you sign up the better!

Please contact the Extension Office if you have any other questions.