Thursday, March 20, 2014

National 4-H Healthy Living Ambassador- Applications Being Accepted!

The National 4-H Council is accepting applications for National 4-H Healthy Living Ambassadors.  They will be helpful in accomplishing the goals of the National 4-H Healthy Living Mission Mandate.

National Ambassadors will participate in 4-H Healthy Living face to face meetings at the National 4-H Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland (not too far away from Orange!), participate in conference calls, work with coordinators to help plan and support healthy living programs, inform others of 4-H Healthy Living opportunities and resources, share ideas and resources, help develop state and local partnerships, and represent 4-H in a positive light and serve as a youth voice for 4-H Healthy Living.

To qualify to apply to be an ambassador, you must be 16-21 years old; have leadership experience in the 4-H program at a county, state, or national level; a passion for and active engagement in one of the key areas of 4-H Healthy living: nutrition, physical activity, alcohol-tobacco-drug intervention, safety or social emotional health (such as bullying or teen mental health); an interest in sharing knowledge; excellent social media skills; ability to work with county/local/community and state level professionals to share resources and opportunities; ability to communicate effectively; willingness to promote the 4-H Healthy Living Strategic Framework.

This would be an awesome opportunity to be involved with 4-H on a National Level.  The National 4-H Center is in Maryland, which makes us very lucky as we are able to be more involved being so close to the center.

For more information or an application, please contact Sarah or Kaci.