Monday, March 24, 2014

IFYE Host Families Needed

Host families are still needed for delegates for 2-4 weeks this summer.  The delegates will be arriving from Austria, Finland, Greece, and Argentina.  Most of them are female, but there are some teen boys from Argentina.
For more information or application forms, please contact Dottie Nelson at (304)431-5317 or (276)617-1065 or dottieifye[at]

Here are some of the delegates that will be coming and will need host families:

-Julia is 26 years old and grew up on a farm in Upper Austria.  She has two brothers, ages 19 and 22.  Her parents still run the family farm, raising crops and pigs.  She enjoys traveling, meeting friends, and seeing movies.  Last year she went on an exchange to Wales and England, and she says that it is much better to experience life in another country by living with families than just being a tourist.  She has worked for a bank but is now studying law.
-Lisa is 23 years old and grew up on a farm raising crops and potatoes.  Her parents still run the farm, and she has a brother, age 21, and a sister, age 14.  Her grandmother also lives on the farm.  She has been living in an apartment with two roommates while working in the Design Center Linz (event location) in the Sales and Marketing Department.  She enjoys reading, hiking, running, yoga, traveling, and meeting friends.
-Elisa is 18 and from Finland.  Her family lives in the countryside.  Her father works as a development manager and her mother is a journalist with the local newspaper.  She has sisters age 20, 16, and 14, and a brother age 8.  She likes animals, especially dogs, and wants to be a veterinarian.  She enjoys hiking, skiing, reading, movies, crafts, and shopping.  She plays accordian.
-Paiia is 24 from Finland.  She is a student in a Finnish Theater College.  Her mother is a nurse and her dad works with computers.  She has a little brother, two dogs, and a cat.  She has worked on theater sets, as a guide in a car museum, a waitress, and a kitchen helper.  She would like to visit a farm with horses and know more about horse shows.  She likes riding, acting, dancing from ballet to hip hop, singing, dog training, and reading.  Lactose free diet.
-Anna is 16 and from Greece.  Her father is an engineer and her mother is a housewife.  She has brothers ages 19 and 9.  She cannot eat okra.  She likes dancing, singing, and theater, as well as sports, camping, biking, movies, shopping, and computer games.

There is also a need for families for teens from Argentina and Finland.  The inbound delegates will be matched with host families once we receive the host family application forms.  They will arrive to the host families on Tuesday, July 8, and depart on Wednesday, August 6.