Monday, March 24, 2014

Ag Discovery Camp

The 2014 AgDiscovery Program, which is sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture, is a 2-4 week summer camp for middle school and high school students.  It is a great opportunity for youth with an interest in Agriculture/Veterinary medicine and other agriculture-related fields.  There are 17 venues, all Land-Grant Colleges or Universities across the U.S. that will host camps this summer.  Each venue has a unique focus.  Virginia’s own Virginia State University is hosting an AgDiscovery camp this year for the third time!   
 Please click the following link for the full brochure:  The VSU program is explained on page 14.  Also, you will notice a picture from the 2013 VSU program on the front cover.  

All AgDiscovery camps are FREE, as parents/guardians will only need to provide transportation for participants.  Here is a quick overview of VSU’s program:

·         The VSU program will convene from June 15-28, 2014.  It is designed for teens (14-17) who are interested in animal science, veterinary science, and/or food science.  Participants will take part in hands-on educational activities related to these topics, both on campus with VSU faculty and during field trips with various practitioners off campus.  They will live in dorms on campus and dine in Jones Dining Hall for most meals.  There is no cost to participants for the program, and competition to get in is high (VSU received 41 applications for the 16 slots in 2013).

Please refer to the 2014 AgDiscovery Program website for application instructions and other information.   

If you have any questions about VSU’s program, please contact: Mr. Antonio McLaren on (804); or Ms. Roz Stein on (804)