Friday, February 28, 2014

Upcoming 4-H Livestock Events and Registration Deadlines

Several 4-H livestock events and deadlines are rapidly approaching. Check the Youth Livestock web site for updates and deadlines on all events. You can click on those events to find out more information.


Below are some of those upcoming events and deadlines:

 1.     Regional Youth Cattle Working Contests are scheduled to begin the 13th of March. All entries for the regional contests are to be postmarked by today, February 28th.

 2.    Block and Bridle Contests are scheduled for March 21 and 22. The deadline for entries to be postmarked by tomorrow, March 1st. Late fees will apply to those postmarked after this date.

 3.    Virginia Beef Ambassador Contest is scheduled for Friday, March 28th. Entries for this contest are to be postmarked by March 19th.

 4.    A Statewide Youth Meat Quality Assurance training is scheduled for Friday, March 28th. Registration for this event is due by Friday, March 14th.

 5.    The Youth Poultry Convention is scheduled for Friday, April 25th. Registration for this convention and judging contest must be postmarked by Thursday, March 13th.


Some upcoming event information:

     I.        The Commonwealth Classic Youth Beef Show (formerly the Junior Beef Roundup held at the VA Beef Expo) is scheduled for March 29-30 at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds.

 II.        The Youth Cattle Sales Contest and Youth Fitting Contest will be held on March 28, 2014 in conjunction with the Virginia Beef Industry Convention. Rules and entry forms have not been sent out yet. Please keep checking the web site and your e-mail for additional information coming very soon.

 III.        The State 4-H/FFA Stockmen’s Contest and 4-H State Quiz Bowl will be held on Monday, June 16th in Blacksburg, VA. Rules and entry information will be posted in the later part of March, first part of April.

 IV.        The State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest will be held on Wednesday, June 25th in Blacksburg, VA.