Friday, February 28, 2014

Two New Youth Contests Announced for Commonwealth Classic Beef Show

Cattle Fitting and Cattle Sales are two new contests as part of the Commonwealth Classic on Saturday, March 29.  The rules and entry forms for these contests will be posted on the youth livestock webpage (  Entries for both contests are due on Friday, March 14.  Please try to use the writable PDF version of the entry form, which can easily be submitted by completing the form and pressing the submit button located on the form. 

In order to compete in the cattle fitting contest youth must exhibit at the Commonwealth Classic; however, the Cattle Sales Contest is open to any Virginia 4-H or FFA member.  Contests will be held at different times during the morning of March 29th; the final start times for each contest will be determined based upon entry numbers. 

Upcoming 4-H Livestock Events and Registration Deadlines

Several 4-H livestock events and deadlines are rapidly approaching. Check the Youth Livestock web site for updates and deadlines on all events. You can click on those events to find out more information.


Below are some of those upcoming events and deadlines:

 1.     Regional Youth Cattle Working Contests are scheduled to begin the 13th of March. All entries for the regional contests are to be postmarked by today, February 28th.

 2.    Block and Bridle Contests are scheduled for March 21 and 22. The deadline for entries to be postmarked by tomorrow, March 1st. Late fees will apply to those postmarked after this date.

 3.    Virginia Beef Ambassador Contest is scheduled for Friday, March 28th. Entries for this contest are to be postmarked by March 19th.

 4.    A Statewide Youth Meat Quality Assurance training is scheduled for Friday, March 28th. Registration for this event is due by Friday, March 14th.

 5.    The Youth Poultry Convention is scheduled for Friday, April 25th. Registration for this convention and judging contest must be postmarked by Thursday, March 13th.


Some upcoming event information:

     I.        The Commonwealth Classic Youth Beef Show (formerly the Junior Beef Roundup held at the VA Beef Expo) is scheduled for March 29-30 at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds.

 II.        The Youth Cattle Sales Contest and Youth Fitting Contest will be held on March 28, 2014 in conjunction with the Virginia Beef Industry Convention. Rules and entry forms have not been sent out yet. Please keep checking the web site and your e-mail for additional information coming very soon.

 III.        The State 4-H/FFA Stockmen’s Contest and 4-H State Quiz Bowl will be held on Monday, June 16th in Blacksburg, VA. Rules and entry information will be posted in the later part of March, first part of April.

 IV.        The State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest will be held on Wednesday, June 25th in Blacksburg, VA.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Orange County Farm Bureau Scholarship

Attention high school seniors:
The Orange County Farm Bureau Scholarship has been posted.  High school seniors who have applied to a college/university with the intent of pursuing a degree in an agricultural related field may apply for the Orange County Farm Bureau's Taking Pride in Agriculture Scholarship.  The scholarship will be applied to the applicant's second semester tuition or on campus housing and will not be awarded if the student's first semester GPA falls below a 2.0.

The deadline for application submission is April 1, 2014.

Please visit the document library in the "Blog Post Follow Up Folder" for more information and for an application to apply.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Local Families are Needed to Host Japanese Exchange Youth for One Month this Summer

Local families are encouraged to consider opening their home to a Japanese 4-H Exchange youth this summer. Program dates are from July 21 to August 18, 2014. Exchange students do not need special treatment or fancy excursions! They just want to live with your family and experience your normal activities. Exchange students do chores when you do chores, they play when you play; it's a great experience and the memories will last forever!

The list below shows the candidates who hope to come to Virginia. The F or M denotes female or male, respectively, and the next number is the person's age. Host families must have a child of the same gender as the delegate, and within two years of age of the delegate.

#5 F 13 Likes shopping, running, physical exercise, making friends. Would like to jump in an unknown world, feel the size of the world, come into contact with a different culture. Will introduce Japanese culture and stories to my host. Communicate, be outgoing. Intermediate swimmer.

#6 F 13 Likes movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter. Badminton, listening to music, calligraphy, playing piano. Wants to enjoy homestay, talk with host family in English, help host family at home (clean, cook). Hopes to go cycling, ride horse, play badminton and do calligraphy with my host. Intermediate swimmer.

#7 F 13 Likes to play basketball, paint pictures, read comics, listen to music, shopping. Likes animals and Poketmonster. Wants to learn different culture, teach Japanese culture and traditional games, origami, kendama, ayatori. Wants to play sport with host family and enjoy shopping, would like to try some water sports. Intermediate swimmer.

#8 F 13 Likes playing hip-hop dance, jogging, playing piano, watching American shows like Glee, camping, cycling, mountain climbing, picnic. Would like to be a member of host family, would like to know the culture of North Am. Willing to help host family. Show Japanese culture to host family. Beginner swimmer.

#9 F 13 Likes sports. Gymnastics. Through sports wants to deepen the exchange experience. Teach kendo, traditional sport of Japan, to host family. Intermediate swimmer.

#11 F 13 Likes anime, drawing pictures, playing wind instrument, clarinet (belongs to brass band). Wants to talk with host family. Beginner swimmer.

#12 F 13 Likes cooking, crafts, cycling, drawing, illustrating, camping, eating, shopping. Wants to speak with host family, share Japanese culture, learn to cook American dishes, cook Japanese food and cakes for host family. Beginner swimmer.

#13 F 14 Likes reading books and stories. Playing tennis. Wants to learn about Am. Culture. Go to museum and attractions. Introduce Japanese culture to host family. Beginner swimmer.

#16 F 14 Plays the flute, likes going to Disney Land, calligraphy, listening to music, member of orchestra, favorite book Harry Potter, likes watching baseball games. Wants to smile and talk positively with people in America, exchange our cultures. Can swim. Gets carsickness but takes medication for it.

#19 M 12 Likes outdoors, camping, fishing in the river, swimming. Wants to introduce and play karate with host family. Tell host family about Japanese culture in English. Intermediate swimmer.

#20 M 13 Likes movies esp. Harry Potter, play outside, bicycle, collects model trains. Wants to see American trains, do karate and calligraphy with host family. Be a member of family. Beginner swimmer.

#21 M 13 Likes reading, making plastic models, listening to classical music, crafts, play catch ball, shogi, watching baseball games. Snow ski. Interested in Am. Technology. Wants to learn about plane history in Am. Would like to go to museums and see the horizon. Advanced swimmer.

#23 M 13 Likes too play soft tennis, watch sport games. Wants to make fiends. Intermediate swimmer.

#24 M 13 Likes to play soccer, read books, watch TV and movies, play video games, go out with friends. Wants to make fiends, do his best to communicate with host and family, enjoy US culture. Intermediate swimmer. Cannot be with inside cats.

#25 M 13 Likes playing soccer and watching soccer games, listen to music, draw pictures. Wants to make a lot of friends, practice soccer with host and host siblings. Beginner swimmer.

#26 M 13 Likes tennis, painting pictures. Wants to experience life overseas, actively communicate. Intermediate swimmer.

#27 M 13 Likes watching and playing baseball, TV dramas and Japanese anime. Volleyball and playing games. Wants to make friends, introduce Japanese anime to host family in English. Talk to many people. Advanced swimmer.

#29 M 14 Likes practicing kendo, reading comic books, watching game shows, comedies, drama and movies. Wants to talk, play and do chores with host and be a member of host family. Wants to swim or play basketball or soccer with host family. Beginner swimmer.

#30 M 16 Likes lure fishing, reading comics, cycling, searching online, listening to music. Interested in fashion, challenging self in martial art. Wants to make many friends and spend a wonderful time with them. Learn foreign culture and teach Japanese culture. Intermediate swimmer. Allergic to rabbits.

Senior Members Encouraged to Apply to Attend National 4-H Congress in November

National 4-H Congress 2014 will take place November 28 – December 2, 2014.   It is a wonderful experience and an extreme honor to represent Virginia at National 4-H Congress. Senior 4-H members are encouraged to apply.  Applications are due April 30 to the State Office.  Interviews and delegate selection will take place during state congress on Tuesday, June 17 in Blacksburg.


National 4-H Congress is open to senior 4-H members.  Applicants must be selected at the state level to attend.  The State 4-H Office covers the cost of the registration, lodging, and transportation to/from Atlanta (normally around $1,500/person).  Participants are required to provide transportation to the pick-up points in Virginia.  Also, they will be expected to pay for travel meals, a few meals while touring in Atlanta, etc. (around $100).  National 4-H Congress begins the day after Thanksgiving; departure is VERY early on this Friday.


For more information on this event, please visit the sites below.


General Information and Application Process:


Sample Resume:


Please contact Kaci or Sarah if you wish to participate. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Youth Meat Quality Assurance Youth Training to be Held March 28 in Harrisonburg

Dr. Paige Pratt will hold a youth training for the Youth Meat Quality Assurance program on Friday, March 28 at 10 AM at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds.  All 4-H/FFA youth are invited to attend this training.  Certification in this program will be required for anyone wanting to exhibit livestock at the State Fair of Virginia junior livestock shows (you must be certified before August 15, 2014).  YMQA certification will not be required to exhibit at the 2014 Commonwealth Classic, but will be required to exhibit at the 2015 event.  These trainings will be held across the Commonwealth as many Extension Agents and Ag Teachers have become certified trainers.  If you are unable to attend this training please contact your local Extension Agent for more information regarding local training opportunities. 

For more information regarding the YMQA program please go to:

The registration for this training is due on March 14th.  The registration form can be found at:

If you have any questions regarding this program please feel free to contact Paige Johnson Pratt, Extension Specialist, 540.231.4732. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Culpeper SWCD Academic Scholarships

Each year the Culpeper Soil & Water Conservation District awards up to three educational scholarships to students who plan to pursue a career in a conservation-related field. These scholarships are available for eligible students living in the five-county area the Culpeper SWCD serves, consisting of Culpeper, Greene, Madison, Orange, and Rappahannock Counties.
Individuals should apply who are full time students enrolled in, or who have applied to, a college undergraduate or graduate program interested in an area of study that supports soil and water conservation, natural resource management, environmental science, or a related field.
In awarding scholarships priority will be given to graduating high school seniors, but undergraduate and graduate students will also be considered. Consideration will be given primarily to achievement and demonstrated interest.
If you have any questions, please call the CSWCD at 540/825-8591.  Applications must be completed and submitted to the CSWCD by April 15th.
Scholarship forms are also available at

Youth Conservation Camp

Youth Conservation Camp will be held July 13-19 at Virginia Tech.  Students in grades 9-12 for the 2012-2013 school year are eligible for this camp, which is coordinated by the Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Topics include: lake ecology, fisheries management, forestry and wildlife issues, turfgrass management, land use planning, soils, agricultural best management practices, geology, shoreline erosion and stream morphology.
If you have any questions or would like an application, please call the CSWCD at 540-825-8591.  Applications must be completed and submitted to the CSWCD by April 1st.
Applications are also available at

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Statewide Fishing Camp

Holiday Lake 4-H Center is offering a statewide Fishing Camp on April 25-27 for youth ages 9-13.  Beginners are welcome- no fishing experience is needed!  Workshops at the camp include: learning to tie knots, natural bait, fish cleaning, lake shocking, casting techniques, fishing equipment, and fish ID.
The cost of camp is $80 and covers all fees, instruction, meals and lodging.

For more information and how to register, visit the document library under the "Blog Post Follow Up Information" folder.

Arts and Technology Weekend

The Jamestown 4-H Educational Center is hosting an Arts and Technology Weekend March 28-30, 2014.  There will be 5 tracts for youth to choose from to participate in: videography, painting, dance, crafts, or performing arts.
Those who choose the performing arts tract will learn baout stage presence and how to write and perform a short play.  Those who choose painting will learn different types of painting and create a masterpiece to take home.  Craft participants will create all sorts of various things.  Videography will give the opportunity to write, create, and star in a short video.  The dance tract will teach new dance styles.
This camp charges on a voluntary 3-tier pricing program.  Please see the document library under the "Blog Post Follow-Up Information" folder for more information, pricing, and registration.
Registration is due to the Jamestown 4-H Center by March 15.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fwd: Commonwealth Classic Youth Beef Show

The following information was announced today regarding the Cattleman's Classic that replaces the former Virginia Beef Expo:

The 2014 Commonwealth Classic Youth Beef Show (formerly the Junior Beef Round-up at the VA Beef Expo) is being held in conjunction with the 2014 Virginia Cattle Industry Convention at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The Commonwealth Classic will be held March 29 – 30, 2014.


Registration and show information for the 2014 Commonwealth Classic (former Junior Beef Round-up) is posted to the Youth Livestock web site, If you click on Commonwealth Classic, this will bring you to the page with all the information.

Registration for the youth beef shows is due online by next Friday, February 14th and must be postmarked by February 18th.


Rules for the breed shows are posted as we have received them. We will continue to post new information to this page as we receive it. PLEASE, check this page often for updates and new information.


In addition to the Youth Beef Shows, there are several opportunities for youth to participate at this event. We will host the State Youth Cattle Working Contest (see web site for regional contest information) on Friday, March 28th, along with a State-wide Youth Meat Quality Assurance Training (this is open to everyone; however you need to register to attend this training; information will be posted to the web site soon). We will also host two new contests this year on Saturday morning, the Youth Beef Fitting Contest and Youth Beef Sales Contest. Rules and entry information will be forthcoming.


Another great contest is the Beef Ambassador Contest. This contest is open to all youth ages 12 – 20. Please see the web site for more information.

Messages Lost

We apologize, but if you called anytime yesterday (Tuesday, Feb 4) and left any of us in the office a voicemail, our messages were all deleted overnight.  Please give us a call back at the office so that we can take care of you!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Goat Club Changes Meeting Location

The Orange 4-H Goat Club has changed their monthly meeting location in order to utilize a larger space.  The club meets on the second Tuesday of each month in the basement of the Orange Baptist Church -- enter from the Bank of America parking lot. The club meetings start at 7:00 p.m., but committees meet at 6:30 p.m.  Cloverbud members are welcome as they have a separate meeting while juniors and seniors meet.

2014 Virginia Beef Ambassador Contest

Virginia Beef Industry Council and Rockingham County Extension are proud to bring you the 2014 Virginia Beef Ambassador Contest.

This year the contest will be held at the Virginia Cattlemen's Convention (formerly Beef Expo) in Harrisonburg, VA on Friday, March 28th, 2014.  This contest is open to ALL interested youth ages 12-20.

Participants are not required to have a background in agriculture or own beef cattle.  The purpose of the project is to gain knowledge of the beef industry and to provide an opportunity for youth to educate consumers and other youth about beef nutrition, food safety, and stewardship practices of the beef industry through promotion, education, media, and online.

The top junior and senior will have a chance to compete in Denver, CO.  The top three seniors and top junior will have the opportunity to serve on the state beef ambassador team!

For more indepth information, rules, and application, please visit the 4-H document library under the Blog Post Follow Up Folder.