Friday, August 23, 2013

Cloverbud Camp 2013

Cloverbud Camp was held at the Northern Piedmont Center July 15-18 from 9-12 each morning.  The theme for camp this year was Wacky Science and each day was spent doing everything from science experiments, playing with bubbles, and making gak!  We had a bubble day where campers were able to make their own bubble solution, make bubble art, make bubble snakes, and experiment with giant bubbles.  On science experiment day, we made bubbling lava lamps, made a balloon get sucked into a water bottle, and had fun with milk, food coloring, and dish soap.  We also had a candy day at camp where we did the mentos and diet coke experiment, looked at what candy bars sink and which ones float, dissolved gummy worms, watched the letters float off of M and Ms and skittles, and then made gak.  Our last day was a water themed day of camp where we experimented with what dissolves,making water "walk", water color drawings and paintings, made ice cream in a bag, and then had fun with a water hose and water games!  We want to thank both our adult and teen volunteers who came and helped make camp a success!