Tuesday, July 16, 2013

State Fair LIVESTOCK Entries Go Live Online

For exhibitors with beef, sheep, hogs, and meat goats:

The 2013 State Fair of Virginia Youth Livestock Show Entry System is now open. Entries are due by electronically by Thursday, August 15th and must be signed by your extension agent/FFA Advisor and mailed with entry fees by Friday, August 16th.

All rules and regulations have been posted to the Youth Livestock web site. The Youth Livestock Rules (only posted on the Youth Livestock page) apply in addition to the State Fair of Virginia General Rules and General Livestock Rules that are posted on the State Fair of Virginia web site. Please visit the link below for all information in regards to the State Fair of Virginia Youth Livestock Shows.

ALL ANIMALS, registered and market/commercial, must be entered through this system to be able to show at the 2013 State Fair of Virginia.

Please make sure that you take note of the instructions on the first page of the entry system. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete the entry process. If you do not receive a form to print at the end, your entries were not recorded or received.

If youth wish to receive their premium payments, the Social Security information must be entered.

Entry fees are $5 per animal entered. Please make checks payable to the Virginia 4-H Foundation.

In addition, this year, we are offering the youth an opportunity to purchase additional State Fair of Virginia exhibitor passes. This should be a separate check made payable to the State Fair of Virginia. Additional tickets are $10 per pass.

You can access the entry system on the State Fair page of the Youth Livestock web site at:http://www.4-h.ext.vt.edu/programs/anscience/livestock/events/state-fair-contests/index.html

The Livestock Show Entry System is located on the right side of the page. THE ENTRY SYSTEM IS NOT AVAILABLE ON THE STATE FAIR OF VIRGINIA WEBSITE.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Please remember, entries into the system are due Thursday, August 15th and must be signed and entry fees postmarked by Friday, August 16th. Late entries are subject to an additional late fee.